What Tax Businesses are Doing Wrong With Their Marketing - And How to Fix It
The world of marketing is changing - are you ready?

With 2018 upon us, the idea of marketing as we know it no longer applies. Gone are the days when handing out a few fliers or sending out a few dozen emails was sufficient. 

Simply put, having just one or two tools is not enough anymore. So, if you want to not only keep up, but thrive in 2018, you must be a well-oiled, marketing machine.
Don't Fall Behind
Tax returns generally start processing around mid-late January. This mean that before that day comes, your tax business needs to have all of its bases covered in terms of marketing. It is a good rule of thumb that marketing for tax services should be all set up about 2 weeks before the IRS starts processing in order to stay ahead of your competitors. After all, once a customer decides to file taxes on their own, or with a different business, you have already lost them.

Every year, a big downfall to tax preparation services is that they simply fall behind and are unable to find the proper clientele to support their business. They forget to take advantage of things like traditional print, social media, proper SEO'd content, or EDDM. 

Yes, it is possible to just barely get by without two or three of these methods. However, why choose that way when it is possible for you to compete with the best if you are equipped with the proper tools. 

Don't have all your tools ready? Well Tax Marketing Services is here to help.
The All-In-One Marketing Service For Tax Businesses
At Tax Marketing Services, we take the guess work out of your marketing strategy. Our team of experts know how to build up a Tax Business to find success. We focus on four primary areas when providing a quality marketing experience for tax businesses.
Print and Design
Design is the core of your Tax Business' branding. From business cards to social media banners, everything needs to be consistent in order to make you more recognizable to your clients. 

Even though we are living in a digital age, traditional print can and should have a place in your marketing strategy. With our Print and Design service, Tax Marketing Services provides you with high quality traditional print materials that will step up your networking game. Furthermore, we offer custom designs for use across all your social media banners. Don't hesitate to get your branding in check and sign up with our services here.
EDDM® Service
In a world dominated by instant messaging and e-mail campaigns, it's hard to believe that people still enjoy receiving cards in their mailbox. Well, 70% of people say that this is true and Every Door Direct Mail is how you can make the most of it!

Tax Marketing Services has you covered with our print-only and full-service EDDM packages. With us, you can easily target local clients within a certain town or neighborhood thanks to our easy to use interface. Either take care of the mailing yourself or let us handle all the boring work while you get all the rewards. Fill out your EDDM order here to get started. Remember, your next client could be as close as right next door!
Social Media
It is without question that the world of social media is massive. With almost 2 billion on social media in the world, the task of marketing to such a large audience can admittedly be a little daunting.

If you're not sure how to go about getting started with your social media, or if you just want to use it more effectively, you can count on Tax Marketing Services to lend a helping hand. Our package can cover both social media management and marketing, helping you make the most of all your platforms with engaging content, state of the art software, and more. Sign up here and get ready to go viral with your Tax Business!
Digital Marketing
In case you were not aware, digital marketing does NOT only consist of social media. There are still a lot of powerful tools out there to take advantage of such as SEO, pay per click ads, videos, and e-mail marketing.

With the right techniques, you can generate a considerable amount of traffic to your Tax Business online. Luckily, Tax Marketing Services and our team of experts can get you these clients almost automatically. With our set of software tools, we can help your Tax Business grow across the web to ensure that nobody slips through the cracks. Learn more about what we have to offer here and get ready to take over the internet!
Full Marketing Solution
We don't think it's cliche to admit that this is the marketing solution your Tax Business has been waiting for. This all-in-one package will take all of the guess work out of marketing. Trust us, it's that good.

Our Full Marketing Solution bundles up all four of our marketing services into one affordable package, giving you the absolute best that we have to offer. Furthermore, with our one-on-one consultation, we can tailor a marketing plan that goes along with you, your branding, and your Tax Business to generate the most success. Print/Design, EDDM, Social Media, and Digital Marketing all at your disposal here. You won't find a better deal or better services anywhere else!
We get it. 

With over 15 years of tax preparation experience under our belt, we understand that preparing for tax season is quite the handful.

However, it is because of this experience that Tax Marketing Services is ready to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in 2018. We have the tools, the team, and the tenacity to fulfill every one of your marketing needs. Don't take our word for it though. Sign up with any one of our services here and see for yourself why Tax Marketing Services is the best all-in-one marketing solution.
What area of marketing have you found the most success in? Where do you think you need the most work? Let us know in the comments below!
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