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What Tax Businesses are Doing Wrong With Their Marketing - And How to Fix It
The world of marketing is changing - are you ready?

With 2018 upon us, the idea of marketing as we know it no longer applies. Gone are the days when handing out a few fliers or sending out a few dozen emails was sufficient. 
Print Marketing is Still Alive
In a time filled with laptops, tablets, kindles, and social media, you'd think that something like traditional print is practically obsolete, right? Well, that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, now is the time to make sure that your Tax Businesses has all of its print marketing going strong - and here's why.
5 Reasons Why EDDM Is Awesome For You
Every Door Direct Mail, or EDDM, is a saving grace for smaller businesses. EDDM is capable of mailing postcards or brochures to physical addresses within a certain geographic area. In other words, it is the lazy business owner's solution for local marketing.
3 HUGE Social Media Mistakes - And The Solutions
It's no question that Social Media has been a constant in everyday life for the past decade and a half. With about 2 billion users worldwide using at least one social media platform, there is a wide spectrum of people to reach. So, understanding social media and how it can benefit your tax business is key to expanding your clientele and generate the highest possible profit for you.
The Essential Digital Marketing Tools You're Using Wrong
Nowadays, there are so many digital marketing tools that businesses use in order to expand their reach online. These include, but are not limited to, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay per Click Ads, Web Design, and more. With so many tools at your disposal, it's very easy to use them either poorly or incorrectly. 
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