3 HUGE Social Media Mistakes - And The Solutions
It's no question that Social Media has been a constant in everyday life for the past decade and a half. With about 2 billion users worldwide using at least one social media platform, there is a wide spectrum of people to reach. So, understanding social media and how it can benefit your tax business is key to expanding your clientele and generate the highest possible profit for you.
Thinking that Social Media = Only Facebook
While Facebook may be the most-used Social Media platform on the web, it shouldn't be your only focus. Platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are great outlets for your tax business to put some marketing effort in as well. If you are on multiple platforms (as you 100% should be) it is important to keep branding consistent on all of them. This means matching banners, logos, and color schemes. What should not be the same, however, is the content. hey all need their own curated content and attention.

For example, a post that is curated for Twitter may not generate the same type of success if it was posted on Linkedin. Why? For one, the audience is different. Twitter is meant for short, casual posts that immediately grab the user's attention in 280 characters or less. Linkedin, on the other hand, typically features much longer, more corporate posts for workplace professionals. This is like thinking that a T-shirt is acceptable attire for both a weekend with the family and a business meeting with superiors; it just doesn't work.
Neglecting Social Media Management
In terms of social media posts: nothing, I repeat nothing should be done without proper planning. Yes, the essence of social media revolves around organic, impulsive interaction, which should be present in all of your Tax Business' profiles. Behind the scenes though, your social media should be a well-oiled machine with all posts and concepts prepared at least a few weeks in advance. 
It's important to remember that Social Media Management is not the same as Social Media Marketing. Social Media Management consists of things like content curation, post scheduling, reputation monitoring, and social analytics. With all of this in mind, it's easier to predict upcoming trends and expand your reach to get the most out of your Social Media Marketing.
Not Rewarding Your Loyal Followers
This is perhaps the least obvious of the three. Think about this: when was the last time you did something nice for those that like your Tax Business' Facebook page? I'm not talking about replying to their comments or thanking them for their post (although these are things you should be doing anyway). I'm talking about something more along the lines of limited time offers, sweepstakes, or coupon codes. You know... something they can actually use.
When interacting with followers on a digital space, it's hard to remember that those people are still customers who, at the very least, acknowledge your work. As such, they deserve the occasional discount off your accounting services or sweepstakes given to that one lucky follower.

It not only shows that you are grateful for their support, but also shows that you are willing to invest in a long-term customer. It's great for organic interaction and also, it's just a nice gesture every now and then. 
Social Media is huge. Especially since the emergence of smart phones, people spend hours browsing through all their social media platforms everyday. As such, your Tax Business should be taking just as much time in making sure that your social media presence is strong and under control.

Your social media is an extension of you, your brand, your character, and your tax business. Avoiding these mistakes and using your platforms to the fullest is the best way to generate organic interest in your company and getting customers that will stay for the long run. 

If you you are guilty of any one of these mistakes, or just looking to get more out of your social media platforms, click here to sign up for any one of our Social Media packages. Your tax business and your future followers will thank you for it.
Did we miss any? What are some social media mistakes that you have seen? What is something you do with your social media that works? Let us know in the comments below!
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